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Anna Ionova

front-end web developer

About Me

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a front-end developer from Toronto, Canada. I love working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React to create interactive & engaging user experiences. I enjoy problem solving & never give up on a problem until I’ve found a solution.

Apart from coding, I dabble in photography and I am always up for a bicycle ride or a yoga session!



React / API / Rest API / HTML5+JSX / SASS / Firebase

Wayfarer App uses Google Maps to show the route for your roadtrip, as well as the weather forecast over the course.

Mars Rovers

React / Redux / Styled Components / Responsive

A squad of 4 NASA rovers are to be landed on Mars. All rovers can be landed in pre-specified coordinates & their movements are controlled across the plateau, but once a rover is driven off the plateau it is destroyed and unusable. Rovers can occupy the same position on the plateau.

PSD to responsive

HTML5 / SASS / JavaScript / jQuery

A single-page responsive 'client' website. This site was recreated from a PSD design, using Mobile first approach.


JavaScript / React / Firebase

Upload images of your dreams to the dreamboard and categorize them by type.

Things that rhyme with Orange

JavaScript / JQuery / REST API / HTML5 / SASS

Improve your poetry writing skills! Orange App provides rhyme options to aid your creations.


JavaScript / JQuery / HTML5 / SASS

Find the breed of your dream pup based on your lifestyle & needs. find your perfect dog breed


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